This was the very last of our free days. We’ve had three in total for the month, none of which have been entirely free – but for this one we lobbied for some shopping time in Tokyo’s Harajuku.

My last few nights have been very slow – event free – and I’ve found myself relaxing in ways that I haven’t in so long. Downloading and watching TV, listening to music, and just thinking. I have found my thoughts wandering to the next six months quite often.

Harajuku was almost a surreal experience – as I rounded a corner, I found myself at the exact intersection I was at five years ago when I visited Tokyo. Condommania was across the street and Pizza Express on the 3rd floor of the GAP building. (At that time, I had no idea where Pizza Express was from…). And of course, I remembered that the very famous omiyage shop was very nearby.

I strayed from the group as I ran into Top Shop and made my way up the street for a quick manicure. I sat in Pizza Express and people-watched and marveled at the course of the past five years. Perhaps- everything and nothing that I would have imagined. And yet, I had to laugh because I still don’t have the answers that I thought I would have.

It was hot and crowded – but I loved the flow and the feel of the city. Inwardly, I felt like I was back in London. That feeling of freedom, of getting lost, of just exploring, not to find anything, but just because you can.

It was wonderful – and I came home and immediately fell into a deep sleep.


Where I find myself in these last two days is in a place of both fatigue and rest. In my room, I have the freedom to think of a variety of things – and take action as far as the internet will allow me. When I walk into the house, I must remind myself that I am still in Japan. (After an hour long call with the folks and Ctoday, I trotted downstairs and completely forgot where I was – I started rapid English and it took me a moment to adjust to the situation.)

When I leave the house, I know it is time to turn on the energy – what remains of it at least.

Two days – I know it is time to go home, but I also know that it has taken me four years to come back here, and I don’t know how long it will take next time. The entire situation has been a much deeper level this time around and I’m thankful for that. What will happen when I get home is all planned in my head – it will take my courage in actions to see it through.

But for the next two days, I need to focus on being entirely present here.

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