A month ago, we walked into our health club and the following conversation ensued:

Gal: Michele, we need your void. (Michele’s face contorts in non-comprehension. Michele’s husband steps in.)
C: What’s a void?
Gal: A void. (C’s face contorts and reddens.)
Michele: We don’t understand what a void is.
Gal: It’s a void.

Sigh. A little while ago, I wrote about the challenges of organizational culture (see The Foundation vs. the Wamulians).  It all makes sense when you are inside that culture, but to an outsider, it’s a void.

I wanted to press the conversation and let Gal know that a void is nothing.  A vastness of space or something.   I’d like to say that the ‘void’ story ends with a logical resolution.   It doesn’t.

Every time we walk into the gym, they ask me for my void. We reaffirm that we’ve had this conversation and with a smile, they say they’ll update my account.  Until the next time I walk in, and I’m asked for my void.

The void continues…

(P.S.We deduced that in our first conversation Gal was attempting to ask us for a “voided check” for payment.  Gal was very confused when we told her we pay with a credit card each month.  Gal did not know what type of void was then needed.)

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