My personality leads me to being a person that dives in to a project, gets lost in it, tunes everything out, then reemerges either feeling done, accomplished or bored with the project…and I begin something else. When my daughter was born, life became about 15 minute increments. What could I do, complete, achieve in that time frame.

I started with household cleaning. Tidying, laundering, etc. The stuff got done, but it didn’t feel very meaningful.
I moved on to squats and lunges. Effective, but not terribly fun.

I figured out that a 15 minute shower was enough to reset and feel relaxed for the day…if I allowed the time to be luxurious. Indulgent products. Actually using (and not saving) those products.

I learned that writing a blog post could, and often should, only take me 15 minutes. (The drafting having already occurred in my introvert brain.)

But the culminating application of 15 minutes was in studying for the GRE. Each spare 15 minutes was devoted to math and reading comprehension. Over the course of three months, I’d finished three GRE books and took the test.
My scores were good, not brilliant (as a former self would have liked), but the real accomplishment was in the how I did it and the power of 15 minutes.

I’m writing this a year later because of all the things of 2013, it is my biggest source of pride. In 2014, I’m planning to honour that method again in taking on a big creative project & who knows, maybe starting a business.

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