Five Hours: His vs. Hers

Negotiating free-time between new parents is a delicate matter. Everyone needs a break. Yet, the sleep deprived mind doesn’t like for others to bask in the glow of free-time without knowing when theirs is coming. For some figuring out free-time is easy, for me,...

Baby got a Library Card

Baby got a library card* today.  She’s three months old and needed her own card to register for Mother Goose sessions… (Cue the beginnings of psycho-mom-who-stands-in-lines-to-overschedule-her-kid.) …and there were only two spots left…among all...

Battles in the Crib

No that’s not a teardrop tattoo under my eye; it’s what happens when I don’t wear my mitts to bed.

Let's have four more

My husband and I are still in the fog of newborn-ness and don’t understand how people have more than one. We’ve heard “you forget”. I don’t want to forget so I made a video of myself reminding me what it’s like. Husband is in the...

Can I go back to sleep for 20 minutes?

That is what my husband asked me at 4am after he had joined me to settle the babe – for 15 minutes. After I’d been awake at 12am, 2am, 4am. The answer did not require a response. He did not go back to sleep.

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