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MFG are the initials of my name, but the acronym also shares a connection with the business world, where it is an abbreviation for manufacturing. Too often we think of the industrialized version of manufacturing. Too often we apply industrialized norms to social change. However, the word ‘manufacturing’ comes from its roots ‘made by hand.’

This sentiment is the essence of our services – bespoke, personalized, and meeting you where you are at. We are committed to empowering individuals, couples, and families through personalized professional coaching, philanthropic advisory, rigorous research, and transformative instruction.

Philanthropic Advisory
Professional Coaching
Research and Instruction

About Us

We are guided by a pragmatic and reflexive approach, with a firm dedication to catalyzing significant positive changes in both individual lives and society as a whole.

LEt’s Work Together

We work with social change minded individuals and organisations

My Giving Is - The Giving Lifestyle

My Giving Is provides philanthropic advisory services for the rest of us. Giving as a lifestyle is joyful, connected, and beautiful.

ACE Action focuses on the next generation givers – starting with primary and secondary school children. To inform its approach, ACE looks to emerging research on children’s philanthropic citizenship.

This podcast is the first-of-its-kind featuring women who work in the philanthropic sector. The podcast looks across roles to explore how they enable giving and understand womens’ unique experiences in the sector.



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