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Women in Philanthropy

20-minute episodes:
What is your role?
How did you find or create it?
How does it enable giving?
What issue in philanthropy needs airing?
Four rapid-fire questions.


Kari Chaudhry

Latest Episode

Kari Chaudhry, Social Impact Investor

Welcome to the 10th episode of Women in Philanthropy!

In this episode, Kari Chaudhry sheds light on social investment as a powerful tool in the realm of philanthropy. She highlights the social power that comes with the combination of women, wealth and investing. Kari also shares her personal experience as a social impact investor, talking about her journey from the fashion industry to promoting social investment across the Atlantic.

Our wide-ranging conversation touches on the barriers which still exist for women and wealth, how we educate our girls on finance, and company diversity which remains more window-dressing than reality.

Dilys Winterkorn, Philanthropic Advisor

Previous Episodes

Dilys Winterkorn, Philanthropic Advisor

Welcome to the first pilot episode of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, we speak to Dilys Winterkorn about her role as a Philanthropic Advisor, moving from a fundraiser to the creation of grantmaking programs for large charities. We also delve into diversity, equality, and inclusion within the philanthropic sector and how she brings all aspects of her identity into her work.

Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

Robin Heller, The Athena Advisors

Welcome back to episode 2 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, Robin Heller speaks about her role as a fundraiser and President of The Athena Advisors Consulting. In Robin’s words, fundraising helps “marshall resources for social change”. Yet, money can often be an uncomfortable topic for people. Robin reflects on how the Board of Trustees, CEOs, and even jobseekers, can become more comfortable with their money conversations.
Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

Gosia Brzezinska, Co-Founder, BB Partners

Welcome back to episode 3 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, we speak with Gosia Brzezinska, founder of BB Partners, an Advisory for Social Change. Gosia talks about her experience in political communications and her shift into philanthropy and change-making. In her role, she supports philanthropists and their organisations in their communication efforts – sharing their work, partnering with others, and expressing impact.

In Gosia’s words, “communication plays a critical role in enabling giving” through raising awareness and building trust. Yet, Western philanthropy receives most of our attention and interest, leading to gaps in our understanding of other giving cultures and how best to support all philanthropists.
Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

Dr. Steph Haydon and
Dr. Janis Petzinger, Philanthropic Researchers

Welcome back to episode 4 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, Dr. Steph Haydon and Dr. Janis Petzinger speak about their experiences and perspectives as academic researchers. As they share, philanthropy is full of hard questions which need examining. Research helps to develop questions and answer them in ways that improve understanding and influence practice. In their work, they use the lenses offered by management to study philanthropic institutions and people. Research helps to raise the right questions and provides a rigorous process for interrogating the knowledge we use to conduct our philanthropic work. Their research spans philanthrocapitalism, high net-worth givers, NHS charities, engaged giving, trust-based philanthropy, and the impact of Covid-19.

    Dr. Steph Haydon and Dr. Janis Petzinger

    Episode 4

    Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

    Anna Bruni Sabhaney, Boundary Spanner

    Welcome back to episode 5 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, Anna Bruni Sabhaney shares her journey moving between civil engineering and the nonprofit sector. She prioritised her learning and the voices of those closest to the issue. In launching The Confluencers, Anna aims to help nonprofit founders connect with funders by shifting traditional funding power dynamics. She describes the elements of engineering which have helped her make the transition to the nonprofit sector, and examples of funding agreements which could better help align all stakeholders.

    Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

    Veronica Bamford-Deane, Business for Good

    Welcome back to episode 6 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, Veronica Bamford-Deane describes the potential of business for good. As a relationship builder between charities and businesses, Veronica talks about how she’s engaged businesses in supporting social good. She offers a contemporary look at the tools businesses can use, how charities can see businesses as collaborators, and where businesses might need to focus next. Most importantly, she describes how businesses can create change through simple actions and collaborate successfully with charities through honest conversations.

    Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

    Zofia Sochanik & Juliet Valdinger, The Connectors

    Welcome back to episode 7 of Women in Philanthropy! 

    In this episode, Zofia Sochanik and Juliet Valdinger describe their roles as philanthropic connectors. The philanthropic landscape is broad with various stakeholders, from charities, to foundations, to individual donors, government, private wealth advisors, etc. each seeking to create social change. More often than not these stakeholders remain siloed in their industries and organisations, leaving the fields’ efforts at change fragmented.

    Robin Heller, Fundraising Champion

    Danielle Walker Palmour, The Alchemist

    Welcome back to episode 8 of Women in Philanthropy! In this episode, Danielle Walker Palmour speaks with us about her roles across the philanthropic sector, from research and evaluation to leading a philanthropic foundation. As the Director of Friends Provident Foundation, Danielle’s career development points to how one might find roles within foundations and, importantly, how the lack of diversity in these roles excludes many others.

    Her approach to foundation work demonstrates the alchemy required to create social change through philanthropic vehicles. Her long-standing career has provided a range of tools which she draws upon in her current work. As she describes, a social issue might not need a grant, and it is within her role to blend the tools in order to address the social issue.

    Jessica Middleton, Eps 9

    Jessica Middleton, Social Insights Specialist

    Welcome back to episode 9 of Women in Philanthropy!

    In this episode, Jessica Middleton discusses her role as a social insights (not impact) specialist. Drawing together experiences in research, charities, and grantmaking, Jessica weaves together information on emerging needs, funding priorities, and grantmaking approaches.

    Jessica challenges us to consider how we approach research and data within the philanthropic field. Are we being intentional about how much we are asking of our grantees and research participants? For which purposes? To what ends?

    She describes the power imbalances within funding, but also within research, and challenges that the pursuit of impact might be part of the problem.

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    About Michele

    Dr. Michele Fugiel Gartner, CAP®, is a multifaceted philanthropic expert known for her research, advisory, and educational contributions. Her doctoral research, specializing in family foundations, offers profound insights into the world of foundation professionals. Michele’s expertise extends to advisory services, where she guides individuals, couples, and family foundations in their philanthropic endeavours. Her deep understanding of the field, coupled with her Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation earned in 2016, equips her to provide strategic and informed guidance. Additionally, Michele is a dedicated educator in nonprofit management, committed to nurturing the next generation of nonprofit leaders. She is an esteemed member of the Global Philanthropy Advisory Group with the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners (STEP). Michele’s holistic approach, blending research, advisory, and education, positions her as a valuable resource for those seeking to make a profound and purposeful impact in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.


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