With both Canada and the U.S. passing new federal stimulus packages, it has been interesting to hear from the respective non-profit sectors on how pleased they are with the outcomes.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that a congressional compromise will include funding for arts, social service, and volunteerism – including $50 million for capacity building grants for non-profit organizations.

This contrasts with a view from Charity Village, a Canadian sector non-profit advocate, that reported a tepid response to the Federal Stimulus package.  From the numbers, $15 billion of $29 billion will impact folks in the non-profit sector.  However, depending on where you are in the sector – you may or may not be as pleased.

Details of stimulus packages are not necessary my forte, but it is interesting to observe what is expected of each country, by each country – and how their packages resonate with their people and in each sector.  Kind of amazing how many ways you can slice the pie.

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