The Muttart Foundation of Edmonton released their Talking About Charities report last year – it is the fourth survey in a series (previous surveys were in 2000, 2004, 2006).  Nearly 3,900 Canadians were surveyed on their thoughts around charities.
The survey also broke down the responses by province, Albertans responded higher than the national average to having trust in their charities.  A large majority also indicated they thought charities were better at understanding and meeting the needs of the community vs. the government.
A little surprising, folks were torn as to whether they’d like more information on how charities are spending their donations.  A solid 50% said they’d like more, and 48% said they have enough. 
(I certainly though the scale would have tipped more heavily toward more).
That brings me to my question for you — are you receiving enough information on the work that SVP Calgary does?  Are there more specific pieces you’d like to see made public?  Or have we satisfied your appetite?
Feel free to post your thoughts or email me directly.

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