A warm and breezy Sunday evening in May was the perfect backdrop for Connections Counselling’s 20th year celebration at the Yardhouse in Kensington.  Greeted by champagne on entry, you felt like family the moment you walked through the door.  And that’s undoubtedly because building families is at the core of what Connections does.

Champagne in hand & silent auction in my sights, I paused as my eyes were drawn to the TV screens around the room.  A puzzle piece, simple type, and the word “Connections”.  The beauty of great design is that it can say everything – even when the message is complex.

While I personally had absolutely zero to do with the process, procurement, or design – I couldn’t help but being overwhelmed with pride and excitement.  And to Houman, an amazing lead partner, who was involved  – an immense thank you.  It’s the seemingly small bits that when all added up make incredible impact and change for the organizations SVP supports.

Here’s the “new” Connections.

In chatting with Lauren, who began the organization twenty years ago, I asked, “How does it feel to be standing here twenty years later?  Did you know how this would all unfold ;)?”   She laughed.  And smiled at her daughter standing next to her, who also now works with Connection and said, “I was pregnant with her.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  And here we are.”

And isn’t it so, that the small actions we do everyday, somehow collect themselves into great moments?
(I love the quote “the days are long, but the years are short”).

These moments celebrate why we are in this business.
They allow us time for joy in work that is hard.
They gather the family who made it possible.
And they let us delight in what we’ve built.

On a personal note, these are also the very rare moments where I am able to show my shear THRILL at the magic of Jason “The Funny Magic Guy” and let my competitive edge show (in my hard-fought yet mostly unsuccessful) dashes to the silent auction.

It’s an honor for SVP Calgary to be part of the Connections family.  We’ll be cheering for you in your  next twenty years!

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