A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my interest in how online giving platforms “feel”.  My interest is in an attempt to understand how we can better humanize online giving and make the peer-to-peer connection stronger.

In my example, I talked about a donation I made through Small Change Fund for the River Journey Project: The Berger Inquiry Revisited.  The gift I made was small, $25.  One of the things I liked best about Small Change Fund is that through their giving platform I actually emerged a smarter human being (now understanding & asking more questions about the Mackenzie Valley pipeline).

Yesterday, I received this thank you note in the mail – from the project itself.  Immediately I thought, what a nice touch. 

Thank you cards are nothing new to non-profits.  I am a huge fan of hand-written thank you cards to donors.  When I was running a nonprofit, even the Board of Directors had to sign each of them.  I’ve never received one through an on-line donation system.  Yes, it adds to the operations.  And yes, it is a nice touch.

It’s fine when an organization sends me an thank you email or a thank you text.  I get it and I don’t mind.  However, getting a hand written note is always something special.  And when I think about how giving through Small Change Fund “feels”, that’s going to be top of mind.

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