Public diplomacy is something I love and I think, something I practice, but not in the way I ever thought I would.  Today’s Globe and Mail article on Allan Gotlieb  provided a beautiful snapshot of why I enjoy it so much.  (Emphasis is my own.)

Diplomacy in the digital age means having the knowledge to challenge the infinity of data, Mr. Gotlieb said. It means there is a premium on having a superb knowledge of the country to which the diplomat is posted, and its players.

He said foreign policy is all about nuances; it’s never about breakthroughs because breakthroughs never happen – an observation he attributed to Henry Kissinger.

“The nuances you’ve got to get,” Mr. Gotlieb said, “and the more complicated that issues are, the more you need to be aware of the nuances. This is why knowledge and familiarity are so important.

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