It’s somewhat shocking that Ordering Cupcakes has had a public presence for an entire year now.  In more ways than one, it’s been with me for years.  Most surprising to me over the course of this little project is how much it has changed – or how my intention, or voice, or writing has changed.  Which is certainly indicative of my year.
If I have to listen to one more professional blogger tell me “you have to find a niche”, I’ll likely scream.  Call it tales from work, of life, and for someone just writing about the journey.  Life never ceases and more words are in the works for 2012.  But in watching Glee’s rendition of We Are Young, it dawned on me, there’s likely another shift up ahead.
To capture where this little project began, I give you a few of my favorites from the year.  Thanks for being with me.
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