It took my sister texting me, “pull up your mommy panties” for me to actually attempt it. Saline + Suction. It’s awful to hear the little one so congested. For a while, her boogers bothered me more than her – or so I rationalized. Then she had a hard time breathing, and it was time.
Who new how fast a little head could move as I attempted to drop the innocent salt water into her nose. Most of them landed on her cheek, but from her wailing response she was not pleased. Less pleased when I took the nasal aspirator (big word = booger sucker) and attempted to grab and go.
Two days ago, I got my first booger. Wow. What an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Better than winning Words with Friends. She could breath and I beat the snot.
And the struggle has lead to an important learning – buy the saline spray instead of the drops.

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