From Pat Morris, Connections Counselling – in her 2010 New Years Greeting.

I once read a quote that loosely translated said “we don’t always realize the impact we have on others -through our words and our actions. We may never know how our interactions and kind regard can positively influence and make a difference in the life of another”.

Sometimes however, we may catch a glimpse of the difference our actions or words have made. Case in point is “John’s” story.

Approximately a year and a half ago John, a 22 year old young man with some learning challenges, called to say he was in a relationship with a young woman who had a pre-school aged child.

John went on to speak about his memories when he was a child – a time when Connections provided support to his mother who had an intellectual disability. This support began when John was eight years old and lasted until he was sixteen years of age.  He recalled how the workers made him feel good about himself, and how they taught his mom many things so she could be a better parent to John and his brothers.  John spoke with fondness and gratitude of the relationship and interactions with Connections’ staff during that time.

John remembered the good work of Connections – and asked there was a program to help guide he and his girlfriend to help be the best parents they could be for this little boy?

Through a blended parenting program that Connections offered, John gained the skills and confidence to demonstrate a very positive and caring relationship with his girlfriend’s child.

By providing this type long-term support, lifetime support, tailored to the needs of a specific family – Connections does indeed reap immediate and long term benefits.  Actions and words do indeed have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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