A Better Blend: Strengthening Philanthropic Research & Practice

Sixteen years ago, I fell into my first role in philanthropy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. My background was in public diplomacy and international studies. While I had heard of the Foundation’s work in global health, I didn’t know anything about working in a philanthropic foundation. As I started in my role, I realised that other people had a similar experience of stumbling into philanthropy. I began to wonder who we all were and how we got here. It was the seed of a research idea I would carry for over a decade.

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Webinar: Old and New Forms of Giving

Philanthropy is taking many forms, from financial to human and social capital provision, and donors are embracing new ways of giving, such as venture philanthropy, social impact investing, and donor-advised funds.

How are the forms of giving changing, and what are the current trends and new mechanisms for giving/structuring? Where does philanthropy is going now, and where is it going next?

During this session, our speakers discuss the current sector/market trends and the increased opportunities, challenges, and risks these present, and the role advisors can play in increasing giving and helping donors navigate the current philanthropy space.

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Finding value

Traditional philanthropy is giving way to ‘total portfolio impact’, which considers both social and financial returns.

What does it mean for me?

Advisors need to be prepared to lead clients in conversation about the financial and social impact spectrum.

What can I take away?

An understanding of the merits of total portfolio impact, as well as advice on its application for individual investors, trustees and other fiduciaries.

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Developing Trust: How Philanthropy Can Support the Worlds To-Do List

Over the past few years, amidst the polarisation of politics, the disparity of social justice and a global health pandemic, trust-based philanthropy approaches have gained interest across charities and philanthropists.

As advisors, we must interrogate contemporary philanthropic trends, the phrases we use with our clients and the giving frameworks we provide.

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Problem Solvers: Charity & Philanthropy

Each month, the Museums at University of St. Andrews help kids to meet problem solvers to explore big ideas and to solve a challenge.

Inspired by something at the Wardlaw Museum, kids meet an expert from the University of St Andrews and try to solve a problem we face in the world today.

In December 2020, I joined Problem Solvers to discuss charity and the story of Elise Bell and the Bell Pettigrew Museum.

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Giving Reflection: A Letter to My Younger Self

Your giving is as unique as you are. At the beginning of the London Lockdown in April 2020, I was contacted by The Big Issue to take out a magazine subscription. Their vendors were losing the opportunity to sell at their pitches. The subscription would help with...

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