Since 2007, I’ve been writing on civil society, philanthropy, social enterprise, and public diplomacy.

The writing included on this site has been previously published through a variety of networks, including STEP, Philanthropy Impact, ANSER-J, The Conversation, Alliance Magazine, Foreign Policy Association, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Social Innovation Generation, Social, Trico Charitable Foundation and Social Venture Partners Calgary.

Problem Solvers: Charity & Philanthropy

Each month, the Museums at University of St. Andrews help kids to meet problem solvers to explore big ideas and to solve a challenge. Inspired by something at the Wardlaw Museum, kids meet an expert from the University of St Andrews and try to solve a problem we face...

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Giving Reflection: A Letter to My Younger Self

Your giving is as unique as you are. At the beginning of the London Lockdown in April 2020, I was contacted by The Big Issue to take out a magazine subscription. Their vendors were losing the opportunity to sell at their pitches. The subscription would help with...

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