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I'm curious about philanthropy, civil society, social entrepreneurship, and public diplomacy. Since 2007, I've been sharing and refining my thoughts.

The invisible infrastructure of giving – and why it matters

Charitable giving may seem like a fairly straightforward exchange: from donor to charity. But it is actually made up of many layers and multiple dynamics, many of which are invisible. This – the giving infrastructure – is what connects donors, charities, and social...

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Professionalizing Foundations

My research at the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good, St Andrews University, focuses on foundation staff, reflecting on their roles as professionals within foundations and exploring relationships inherent in the development of a foundation....

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Remote working: Bringing us closer

Remote working is not just for technology companies, outsourcing or freelancers.  Even after Melissa Mayer’s highly publicized 2013 decision to axe remote working at Yahoo!, the 2014 American Community Survey cited that 3.7 million Americans were working remotely, on...

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Spray Deodorant & More: My three-prong defense against shooters

Between last post and this post, my fear of the "shooter" has increased.  In September, I told my parents that until the US enacts gun control, I will not be returning.  Then two months later, the shooters took over Paris.  My fear won over when we cancelled our New...

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