This can’t possibly be true!?  And yet, I’ve asked a random sample (three) of my peers.  Canadians didn’t have Colorforms?
The beauty of the Colorform box was that you could create the world exactly according to you.  Those paper-thin, vinyl pieces could be moved around the ‘scene’ and even from box to box.  Talk about creating community and encouraging diversity – Smurfs, please meet Snoopy.
There’s probably direct correlation to Colorforms and my control freak nature.  Yes, you will stay in the corner until I move you, Gumby.  And probably lead to a lot of my day-dreaming habits.  What would it be like to be a Popple?
Lite Brite, Play-Doh, and Colorforms were what made my childhood the creative playground it was.  I simple can’t believe that they didn’t import the (likely toxic & choke-able) little vinyl pieces in to Canada.  Anyone to dispel this myth?

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