Each month, the Museums at University of St. Andrews help kids to meet problem solvers to explore big ideas and to solve a challenge. Inspired by something at the Wardlaw Museum, kids meet an expert from the University of St Andrews and try to solve a problem we face in the world today. In December 2020, I joined Problem Solvers to discuss charity and the story of Elise Bell and the Bell Pettigrew Museum.

Creating philanthropic content for children is an important goal for me. Having my own kids has helped me to truly appreciate how much jargon and complexity we layer into the world of philanthropy and charity. In keeping these concepts complex, we keep them inaccessible.

Working to distill the ideas was a challenge for me, and one I hope to continue over time. It’s more important than ever to encourage young people to participate in the world around them as active citizens and that includes through giving.

The challenge I put forth to the kids why do they give, how do they decide where to give, and what advice would they give their friends and family on how to give?

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