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I'm curious about philanthropy, civil society, social entrepreneurship, and public diplomacy. Since 2007, I've been sharing and refining my thoughts.

The trouble with transformation creep

The mantra for transformative change has become ubiquitous. After all, who would opt for treating symptoms, often derisively labelled as applying band-aids, rather than striving for a cure? While the clarion call of transformation also beckons for us, we’re concerned...

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Instead what we know is that in the best examples of social enterprise – we see organizations first looking to their assets -What can we leverage? What are we really great at? Who is in our community? – to build their businesses. They don’t use the lowest common denominator of “How much can we charge our beneficiaries for this service?”

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#givingtuesday, I didn’t.

It feels blasphemous to admit that I didn't buy into Giving Tuesday.  I'm certain this admission will count against me in the do-gooders tally.  On Giving Tuesday, I silently floated through the day afraid to admit my concerns.  It was only after a glass of wine with...

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Delving deeper into power

My kudos to Alliance for taking on the topic of power and philanthropy. It’s not a topic that we often wade into very deeply, and, as Peter Buffett’s op?ed in the New York Times showed, once the surface is scratched a multitude of perspectives and opinions emerge....

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Lysol Wipes

On the Saturday after the Calgary flood, I signed up to the (then) fledgling as a volunteer. On the Monday after the flood, our family returned home, cleaned out the fridge and took stock of what we could offer. Our first stop was our Community Center.  We...

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