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I'm curious about philanthropy, civil society, social entrepreneurship, and public diplomacy. Since 2007, I've been sharing and refining my thoughts.

Time Off

“So, you took some time off this year.”
I guess my maternity leave could be viewed that way. My story was more along the lines of how I busted my arse to get back to work – figuring out daycare, having the hubby step up for paternity leave, and tackling, head on, the work/family blend.

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The Power of 15

My personality leads me to being a person that dives in to a project, gets lost in it, tunes everything out, then reemerges either feeling done, accomplished or bored with the project…and I begin something else.
When my daughter was born, life became about 15 minute increments. What could I do, complete, achieve in that time frame.
I started with household cleaning. Tidying, laundering, etc. The stuff got done, but it didn’t feel very meaningful.

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#givingtuesday, I didn’t.

It feels blasphemous to admit that I didn't buy into Giving Tuesday.  I'm certain this admission will count against me in the do-gooders tally.  On Giving Tuesday, I silently floated through the day afraid to admit my concerns.  It was only after a glass of wine with...

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Delving deeper into power

My kudos to Alliance for taking on the topic of power and philanthropy. It’s not a topic that we often wade into very deeply, and, as Peter Buffett’s op?ed in the New York Times showed, once the surface is scratched a multitude of perspectives and opinions emerge....

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These Days

I was sharing some of my day with my co-workers. Bemoaning my lack of balance. My co-worker seemed shocked that I didn’t think I had balance. I do suppose this schedule does reflect something that looks like balance – aka. shoving it all in.

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At Peace.

My number (846 or something) finally came up and Lean In arrived for me at the library.  I can now say that I've read it.  Though to be honest, from all the chatter about it, I really felt as though I already had. As I read through it, I allowed all my thoughts and...

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